Key Initiatives

We’ve already started delivering some of the improvements local businesses asked for and now that we’ve secured the ‘Yes’ vote, we are moving forward with the five key initiatives outlined in our business plan.

These will be our primary focus throughout the five-year BID term, which started on September 1st 2014 and runs until September 2019. Here’s what we are delivering:


Business savings through group procurement and discount schemes

A ‘one-stop-shop’ service, helping all BID members find better deals on:

  • Energy (electricity/gas/water)
  • Telecoms (phone and broadband)
  • Waste/recycling
  • Printing and stationery

This free initiative is already delivering real savings to BID members. Contact the BID team to see how this service can help you.


Marketing Campaigns

PROPOSED SPEND: £507,000 FROM 2014 TO 2019

Dedicated marketing, promotions and communications campaigns locally, nationally and internationally to increase footfall and improve members’ bottom line. The approach will include:

  • Power to market – using a bespoke ‘Super database’ of 100,000+ consumers (Chester residents and visitors) to benefit every single business within the BID area by promoting and celebrating city events, festivals and offers
  • Campaigns for BID members using various channels including E-newsletters/E-blasts, apps, radio, press, leaflets, promotions and guides
  • Social Media activity including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn

Imagine how much it would cost you as an individual business in time, effort and money to have access to so many potential customers!


High Quality City Centre Events and Festivals

PROPOSED SPEND: £498,000 FROM 2014 TO 2019

The BID will proactively support and improve the quality, range and promotion of city centre events and festivals that bring our city centre to life, create a vibrant atmosphere and encourage a greater number of visitors. Activity will include the development of:

  • Marketing and PR – local, national and international campaigns, raising the profile of Chester city centre and promoting awareness of its events and festivals
  • A dedicated CH1ChesterBID website – a ‘One Stop’ portal for all events and festivals information
  • More quality events, particularly at key calendar times such as Christmas and Easter
  • Regular, accurate and up-to-date information for all BID members in advance of key events and festivals

A great step towards making Chester a ‘must-visit’ destination!


A world-class welcome to Chester

PROPOSED SPEND: £488,000 FROM 2014 TO 2019

We want everyone visiting Chester to experience a world-class welcome and come back for more!

The action plan includes:

  • City centre improvements and improved business-related signage
  • New floral displays and planters
  • Extra lighting and even more Christmas lights to illuminate our beautiful city
  • A 'Street Concierge' service
  • A commitment to build on the partnership with Chester Against Business Crime to make sure we have a safe city centre for the benefit of all
  • Improved welcome signage
  • Training for Street Pastors to work alongside key agencies on behalf of CH1ChesterBID members by keeping the city centre and its visitors safe

One City. One Voice.

PROPOSED SPEND: £334,000 FROM 2014 TO 2019

Cities perform best when they work together as ‘One Voice’. CH1ChesterBID will provide the link between all businesses and key partners/agencies across the city.

It will also improve Business-to-Business Communication, i.e. ‘joining up the dots’ for all businesses through the provision of regular, up-to-date information on city centre activity and CH1ChesterBID business forums for all BID members.

CH1ChesterBID has successfully introduced a full time City Centre Manager who will be the eyes and ears of all businesses, working on their behalf and that of all partners to resolve those smaller issues that cause frustrations on a daily basis, as well as ensuring the longer term plans for the revival of the city are implemented without delay.

  • A rapid response service to city centre issues, led and delivered by the City Centre Manager
  • Information communicated to BID members on road closures and other factors which could disrupt your business
  • Regular, up-to-date business newsletters and statistics on both the health of the city’s economy and footfall figures
  • Communication of footfall to sales figures and comparisons with similar Heritage Cities as well as regional and national comparisons
  • Quarterly business forums for all BID members to share and receive information

Getting to grips with parking

Car parking costs and restrictions remain the source of much frustration for visitors, residents and businesses alike.

CH1ChesterBID will work with all car park owners to introduce and maintain a consistent approach to city centre parking. We’ll keep you up-to-date with any new parking restrictions or initiatives, including:

  • Introduction of a CH1 information pack to all businesses highlighting car parks, park and ride, operating times, tariffs, parking restrictions in relation to waiting times, loading and unloading etc to remove confusion and current frustrations (so you and your customers know the best place to park and when!)
  • Improved car park signage – with QR codes linked to the CH1 website for city centre offers, benefits and a full business directory
  • Modern technology to enable multiple payment choices including pay on exit, pay by phone, text etc.
  • Work to maintain free parking after 3pm to encourage late night shopping initiatives
  • Where possible, provide access to maps and store directories next to all parking pay stations

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